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Long hair


This horse really needs a haircut. It also looks like it needs a nap!

Horses don't usually get haircuts like people do, so this horse's hair is very long. The hair on its tail is touching the snow. The hair on the back of a horse's neck is called its mane. This horse has a very long, white mane. It is so long that it is almost covering its eyes. But for this horse, having all that hair is good because it keeps it warm in the cold snow.

This horse also looks like it is very tired because it is yawning. When a horse is tired, it doesn't have to lie down to go to sleep. Horses have a special way of going to sleep even when they are standing up.

The words of the day

tail n.

尾巴 (wei3 ba1)

yawn v.i.

打呵欠 (da3 he1 qian4)

Even though Mary said she wasn't tired, I knew she was because she yawned.


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