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Blowing fire


Have you ever seen somebody blow fire out of his or her mouth?

This man has a special liquid in his mouth that catches on fire very easily. In his left hand he is holding a stick that is on fire. When he blows the special liquid out of his mouth, it catches on fire when it touches the stick and makes a big ball of fire.

You have probably read about dragons in stories. In Chinese stories, dragons don't blow fire, but the dragons in many Western stories do. Western people think that dragons are very scary, but Chinese people think that they are good.

Blowing fire takes a lot of practice and is very dangerous, so you should never try to do it.

The words of the day

liquid n.

液體 (ye4 ti3)

The doctor said I should drink more juice, water and other liquids.


dragon n.

龍 (long2)

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