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What do you do when you don't want anyone to see you?

Camouflage is a special kind of clothing that is made to look like your surroundings. If you wear camouflage and stay very still, it is very hard for other people to see you. The man in this picture is wearing special camouflage to blend in with his surroundings.

The kind of camouflage you wear depends on where you are. If you are in a forest, you should wear green camouflage to blend in with the trees and plants. If you are in a desert, you should wear yellow camouflage to blend in with the sand. But what kind of camouflage could you wear to blend in in the city?

The words of the day

surroundings n.

周遭環境 (zhou1 zao1 huan2 jing4)

Moving to Germany and living in strange surroundings made Craig feel homesick.


desert n.

沙漠 (sha1 mo4)

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