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This young bird may look very small, but one day it will be very big. It is a baby condor.

Condors are some of the biggest birds in the world. If you measured from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other, it would be more than 2.8m. That is more than one meter taller than the average man in Taiwan!

Condors are very big, so they need to eat a lot. Sometimes when condors eat, they eat so much food that they can barely fly. Sometimes they fly 250km in one day to look for food.

Condors also live for a very long time, sometimes for more than 50 years. This baby condor might still be alive when you are 60 years old!

The words of the day

tip n.

頂端 (ding3 duan1)

average n.

平均值 (ping2 jun1 zhi2)

Sam is very old for our class. He is 13, but the average age in our class is 10.


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