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Mother and son


When you think of babies, what comes to mind?

Babies are usually tiny, cute and easy to carry. The baby in this picture, a rhinoceros named Inkosana, is a little different. He may be cute, and he might look small next to his mother, Coco, but he would be very hard to carry, even if you were very strong.

A rhinoceros, or rhino, grows into a huge animal, so even as a baby it's very heavy. In this picture, Inkosana weighs between 113kg and 136kg, and he's only two months old!

Even though that seems very heavy, he will gain a lot of weight before he stops growing. When they are adults, rhinos weigh between 454kg and 1362kg.

The words of the day

rhinoceros n.

犀牛 (xi1 niu2)

adult n.

成年人 (cheng2 nian2 ren2)

Most adults don't like candy as much as children do.


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