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Fit for a queen


How would you like to wear something like this on top of your head?

It might be nice to look at, but it's probably very heavy. In the past, crowns were a sign that someone was a part of a country's royalty. The families of kings and queens would keep crowns for years and years. Sometimes particular crowns even had special meanings and were worn at special times.

Although many kings and queens still have crowns that they wear at very special times, today anyone who has enough money can buy and own a crown.

Even you could buy a crown if you become very rich someday. But be careful -- don't let it slip off!

The words of the day

royalty n.

王族 (wang2 zu2);

王權 (wang2 quan2)

particular adj.

特別的 (te4 bie2 de5)

I don't want to buy just any old book, I'm looking for a particular book by a famous author.


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