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A good push


This eight-year-old boy is doing something kids from warm countries don't usually get to do. He is making a snowman.

A snowman is usually made by stacking three big balls of snow on top of one other. A big ball of snow goes on the bottom, a medium-sized one in the middle, and a small ball of snow goes on the top.

Then you give the snowman a face. Many people like to use pieces of coal or small stones for the eyes and mouth, and a carrot for the snowman's nose. Sometimes people even put clothes on snowmen, like scarves or hats.

It's a lot of fun, but as you can see, it's also hard work.

The words of the day



堆放 (dui1 fang4)

The students brought their books to the front of the classroom and stacked them on top of the teacher's desk.




煤塊 (mei2 kuai4)

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