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Have you ever been sledding?

There isn't much snow in Taiwan, so you might never have sledded before. If you ever get a chance, you should try it!

When you sled, you normally put your feet out in front of you so that you are sledding feetfirst. But if you want to go really fast, you lie down like this man and go headfirst.

It can be very difficult to steer a sled. Sleds do not have steering wheels like cars do. If you want to steer your sled to the right, you have to lean to the right. If you want to steer your sled to the left, you lean your body to the left.

The most important thing is learning how to stop!

The words of the day


滑雪橇 (hua2 xue3 qiao1)

to steer

操縱 (cao1 zong4)

I had to steer my bike around the car that was stopped in the middle of the road.


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