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The folding bicycle


What is this man holding in his hands?

Believe it or not, he is holding a new kind of bicycle. You can ride it like a regular bicycle, but you can also fold it up to make it very small.

What could you do with a bike like this? There are lots of things. If you wanted to ride a bike along the beach, you could put this bike in your car and drive there. If you rode it to school, you could put it in your locker so that nobody could take it. If you were riding your bike and it started raining, you could put this bike in your bag and walk home.

But first, you have to learn one thing: how to put it together?

The words of the day

to fold

摺疊 (zhe2 die2)

After you wash and dry your clothes, you should fold them before putting them away.



置物櫃 (zhi4 wu4 gui4)

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