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A lot of little art


Can you count all the clay statues in this picture?

Even if you could, there would still be more. There are so many statues that they couldn't all fit into the picture. All together, there are 40,000 of them! And they weren't made by a machine; they were made by hand.

All these little clay figures are part of a large work of art. When people look at art, many people have different feelings about it. Sometimes people use the title of a work of art to help them understand it. These figures are called ``Asian Field.''

Look at this picture. Why do you think anyone would want to make so many little clay figures?

The words of the day


人物 (ren2 wu4)

by hand

手工 (shou3 gong1)

The bank has a machine that counts money, so people don't have to count it by hand.


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