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Turned around and upside down


Sometimes when you can't reach something in a high place, a friend might give you a boost. But have you ever actually stood on top of someone else?

For the girls in this picture, that's the easy part. They are part of a group called the Shangri-la Chinese Acrobats.

Acrobats are very interesting to watch. Because they work hard and train every day, they can make their bodies do things you might not have known human bodies could do.

The girls in this picture are doing a trick so unusual that it's hard to see excactly what they're doing.

Look closely. Can you tell whose head, hands and feet are whose?

The words of the day


鼓勵 ( gu3 li4)

Tammy was feeling sad, but when the teacher told her that she had gotten an A on her test, it gave her a boost.



特技演員 (te4 ji4 yan3 yuan2)

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