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Be careful!


If the sun is above the man in this picture, where is he standing?

He is standing high off the ground, and all he has to walk on is a thick rope. People who walk high in the air on a thick rope are called tightrope walkers. This man dances up there too!

A person must be very brave to be a tightrope walker. They also must have very good balance. Walking a tightrope is dangerous, and if you fall, you will be hurt badly.

For most people, falling off the tightrope is enough danger. But this man is walking over a lion pen at a zoo in Beijing. If he falls, the lions will be waiting for him!

Luckily, he is holding a long stick, which helps him stay balanced.

The words of the day


繩索 (sheng2 suo3)


欄 (lan2),圈 (quan1)

On a farm, if animals escape from their pens, things can get really crazy.


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