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A new place to play


It's hard to imagine what that man is doing and what kind of a place he's doing it in.

This big red place is the Shanghai Skate Park, and it has never been used before. This man is doing the last few things that need to be done to make it ready.

At a skate park, people ride their skateboards up and down the high walls and do tricks.

This part of the skate park is called the Vert Ramp. Vert is short for vertical, because the walls of this part are very steep. The Vert Ramp by itself is 42m long!

Altogether the skate park is 12,000m2. The people who built it say that this skate park is the largest one ever built.

The words of the day


滑板 (hua1 ban3)

I tried to ride a skateboard once, but my balance was bad and I fell down.



垂直的 (chui3 zhi2 de5)

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