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Back to the beach


This tiny bird is a kind of penguin. We usually think of penguins as living in cold places with lots of snow and ice, but this one is a ``fairy penguin,'' which lives in Australia.

Like all penguins, fairy penguins don't fly. Their wings are more like flippers on a fish, and they use them for swimming. You can even tell by looking at them that they spend time in the water. Their feathers aren't soft and fluffy like a bird. They are very dense. This way the penguins can stay warm in cold water.

This penguin was found six weeks before this picture was taken. He was hurt and hungry, so the zoo took care of him until he was better. In this picture, they're letting him go.

The words of the day


毛絨絨的 (mao2 rong2 rong2 de5)

鬆軟的 (song1 ruan3 de5)


濃密的 (nong2 mi4 de5)

Wood can float on a lake because it's

not as dense as water.


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