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Living in space


Did you know that peole actually live in outer space? They live on a space station, which is like a big space ship that is always in space, going around the earth.

The space station is shared by lots of countries, but only a few people live there. In this picture, a Russian space ship is leaving Earth in order to bring food and other things to the people on the space station.

One day before this picture, the people on the space station had a ship just like this one. They filled it up with trash and sent it back to Earth. When something falls to Earth very fast, it burns up, and that's what happened to the ship with the trash.

The word of the day

outer space

外太空 (wai4 tai4 kong1)

to share

分享 (fen1 xiang3)

共用 (gong4 yong4)

There's only one sandwich,

so we'll have to share it.



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