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Iraq's inept conscripts face elite foe

The dead officer lay face down in a ditch, his hair capped with a shell of pale mud and his fingers stretched out as if the last thing he had done was to stroke the clay. His trousers were covered in blood and he woreFULL STORY

Marketplace bombing brings war home2003-03-28

The bearded militiaman knelt in the rain and used his gun to shift the earth of the bomb crater. "There is a hand still here in the ground," said Wasim al-Shinmari. "I can't touch it. I'm sorry, but I just can't touch it." He exposed whatFULL STORY

Protests against war turning violent2003-03-28

Protests against the war in Iraq continued around much of the world Wednesday. Demonstrators turned violent in Australia and Spain, and in France they defaced a pre-eminent American symbol: a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Some of the largest rallies and bitterest clashes have comeFULL STORY

Americans deliver anti-war message to Washington2003-03-28

Two Nobel Peace Prize winners, two bishops and Vietnam War activist Daniel Ellsberg were among those arrested near the White House in antiwar protests. And in Florida, more than 100 demonstrators denounced President George W. Bush during his trip to the state. Protesters in Washington climbed overFULL STORY

Light bombing campaign may hinder overall effort2003-03-28

The US Central Command combat surveillance video showed an Iraqi military vehicle hiding beneath a bridge. A smart bomb glided in from the right, destroying the vehicle but leaving the bridge intact. Then came a surveillance picture of Iraqi military communications equipment atop a building withinFULL STORY

Urban warfare is the underdog's first battlefield choice2003-03-28

Each battered high-rise becomes a sniper's aerie, each deserted thoroughfare an ambush zone. In this kind of warfare, advances and retreats are measured in blocks or half-blocks, or even just houses. In the calculations of battle, the shield of technology gives way to human failingsFULL STORY

Doubts cast on al-Jazeera video2003-03-28

Serious doubts were last night cast over video footage obtained by the Arabic satellite channel al-Jazeera purporting to show two British or American prisoners of war. British military sources said they did not believe the men, one of whom had long dreadlocks, were British servicemen andFULL STORY

Aid groups struggle in fight against hunger2003-03-28

Aid agencies said on Wednesday that the first trickle of aid had arrived in war-ravaged Iraq, but warned that a few tonnes of supplies were not enough to combat the country's looming disaster. With the vital deep water port of Umm Qasr still not cleared forFULL STORY

Blair hints UK and US to retain grip on post-war Iraq2003-03-28

British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Wednesday gave his clearest hint yet that there will be no rush by the US and Britain to hand over the civil administration of postwar Iraq either to a UN-led regime or one run by opponents of President SaddamFULL STORY

Germany rejects deployment of troops after war2003-03-28

The German government yesterday flatly rejected deployment of troops in post-war Iraq as part any UN mission to rebuild the country. "Our position is clear: there are absolutely no considerations on deploying German armed forces in Iraq after the war or plans for UN blue helmetsFULL STORY

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