MOJ seizes Chang Chi Foodstuff Factory assets

By Jake Chung  /  Staff writer

Tue, Oct 22, 2013 - Page 1

In the wake of the recent food scare in which Chang Chi Foodstuff Factory Co (大統長基) allegedly added illegal additives to edible oils, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has inventoried and frozen all financial assets of the company’s manager and will severely punish the company if it was found to be involved in illegal gains, the Executive Yuan said yesterday.

Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo (毛治國) called a meeting to address the issue, focusing on how to handle future food security violations, such as what strategies to take for looking into foodstuff sources, third-party monitoring, and warehouse checking and management to prevent similar incidents.

Mao said that the Executive Yuan’s stance was to “ask for the severest, heaviest penalties,” adding that the government would endeavor to simplify and tighten security screening on food products.

Given that the newly amended Act Governing Food Sanitation (食品衛生管理法) took effect on June 21, the government is implementing severe fines to halt malignant and willful acts of violations of the law, the Executive Yuan said, adding that it would continue to work on tighter interagency coordination in order to ensure clean food sources.

The Executive Yuan is also reaching out to volunteers, mainly targeting university students in the roughly 130 food and nutrition-related departments across the nation, to help serve as a safety buffer by assisting in verifying food labels or inspecting food source locations, Mao said.