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China ‘seriously challenging peace’: Tsai

ENSURING DEMOCRACY:Taiwanese would not move toward conflict due to momentary passion, but nor would they sacrifice the sovereignty of the nation, the president said

By Su Yung-yao, Jake Chung and William Heatherington  /  Staff reporter, with staff writers

Facing pressure from China over the past two years, Taiwanese have demonstrated a high degree of resilience and determination in protecting their values, and like-minded nations have increasingly expressed their support, she said.

The second aspect to be addressed is the improvement of the nation’s defense capabilities, which involves a multi-tier approach, Tsai said.

Her stance has always been to steadily increase the defense budget each year, she said, adding that the military can satisfactorily defend the nation’s sovereign territory.

The third aspect is that the nation have a national security strategy capable of obstructing any attempt, foreign or domestic in origin, from destabilizing Taiwan’s economy, or its society, the president said.

Taiwan’s democracy must be defended at any cost — the government would not sit idly by if any country attempted to take advantage of that democracy to infiltrate and wreak havoc on Taiwanese society, she said.

Whether through the dissemination of disinformation, unauthorized acquisition of technology-related information, the compromising of information security systems or interference with the political system and elections, anyone proven to have committed such acts would be severely dealt with, she said.

The government has used international cooperation to counter the spreading of disinformation by parties in certain countries, she added.

Tsai said the lighthouse keepers, who were invited to sing the national anthem at yesterday’s ceremony, served as an analogy of Taiwan, which is like a beacon.

The nation’s democratization has been a light to outshine the darkness that Taiwanese had to pass through, and acts as a guide to all who seek democracies of their own, she said, adding that she hopes the people of Hong Kong and China be inspired by Taiwan.

“When the world sees Taiwan’s beauty, we will not be lonely,” she said.

“Taiwan will march bravely and resolutely forward. Taiwanese have always come together for the nation, deriving strength from unity,” Tsai said.

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