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CIA purchased Iraqi chemical weapons: report

NONPROLIFERATION:US service members and Iraqis were injured while handling the Iraqi-made munitions, which the US destroyed, officials said

NY Times news service

In some cases, victims of exposure said, officers forbade them to discuss what had occurred. The Pentagon now says that hundreds of other veterans reported on health screening forms that they believed that they too had been exposed during the war.

The US believed the weapons came from near Amarah, a city not far from Iran.

Neither the CIA nor the soldiers persuaded the man to reveal his source of supply, the officials said. “They were pushing to see where did it originate from, was there a mother lode?” Zahner said.

Eventually, a veteran familiar with the purchases said, “the guy was getting a little cocky.”

At least once he scammed his handlers, selling rockets filled with something other than sarin.

Then in 2006, the veteran said, the Iraqi drove a truckload of warheads to Baghdad and “called the [CIA] guys to tell them he was going to turn them over to the insurgents unless they picked them up.”

Not long after that, the veteran said, the relationship appeared to dry up, ending purchases that had ensured that “a lot of chemical weapons were destroyed.”

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