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Parole for A-bian impossible: officials

NO GROUNDS:Media reports about the former president’s case were incorrect and led to a ‘misunderstanding’ of the matter, resulting in calls for his parole, officials say

By Shih Hsiu-chuan  /  Staff reporter

Taipei Prison must abide by the law and cannot allow political or external factors to pressure it to illegally grant Chen Shui-bian medical parole, he said.

“Otherwise, the prison would be subject to even more severe criticism by the public and the international community,” he said.

“We hope that people at home and abroad will not give credence to one-sided representations and thereby fail to credit the long-term efforts Taiwan has made to ensure the human rights of inmates, thereby tarnishing Taiwan’s human rights record in the eyes of the international community,” Chen Shou-huang said.

The press conference, held at the Foreign Affairs Ministry building, was also attended by National Taiwan University Hospital physician Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) and two other physicians, Kuo Cheng-deng (郭正典) and Chang Yeh-sen (張葉森), who were at one point prevented from sitting in on the event.

The trio, who joined TVGH’s medical team caring for Chen Shui-bian at his request, presented the press with the views on the former president’s neurological condition offered by Chen Shun-sheng (陳順勝), an emeritus professor of neurology at Chang-Gung University, who was also a member of the team and did not totally agree with the team’s diagnosis.

Chen Shun-sheng said the diagnostic report delivered by the TVGH and Taipei Prison on Oct. 17 tried to “marginalize or dismiss the severity of his [Chen Shui-bian’s] conditions, ignore differences between the neurological diagnoses from different sides … and ignore the critical thinking of cause and effect to determine the true cause of the symptoms.”

The consensus reached by TVGH’s medical team of nine experts excluded some serious neurological conditions because either their causes have not yet been clarified or the panel failed to reach a consensus, Chen Shun-sheng said.

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