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Examination minister apologizes for racy remarks

By Jake Chung  /  Staff Writer, with CNA

Examination Minister Lai Feng-wei (賴峰偉) yesterday apologized for using sexually suggestive language at a year-end party, saying he would cut back on his social outings and alcohol consumption, and start reading more books.

Local media reported that during the ministry’s weiya (尾牙), or lunar year-end party, held last month, Lai used lewd language, saying: “[You] have to feel me, feel me, deeper, lower,” as his colleagues were reaching in a raffle box for prizes.

Lai held a news conference yesterday and said he was slightly inebriated when the event occurred. He said he was only trying to create a festive atmosphere and that he did not clearly remember what he had said.

He added that if his words and actions had been improper, he apologized.

Lai said the incident was just a case of misspeaking after having slightly too much to drink, and he hoped that everyone would be understanding of the situation. Lai said he would limit his drinking and social outings, adding that he wanted to make an effort to read more books.

“My wife is very upset with me over the whole incident and I was trying to explain everything to her before leaving the house. That’s why the press conference was delayed,” Lai said, adding that his wife made him promise not to drink alcohol again.

When asked about media reports that he had engaged in improper acts with female colleagues during the party, such as letting female colleagues sit on his lap, Lai said he did not remember some of what happened at the party because of his state of inebriation.

Referring to the media attention that the incident had garnered, Lai said: “Whether this [media coverage] continues until I quit my post or whatever, I’m just unaccustomed to such a minor matter being blown out of proportion.”

Lai said that during his tenure at the ministry he had pushed for many reforms, adding that during the weiya raffle, he decided to give out additional prizes from his own pocket to those who initially did not get one of the listed prizes.

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