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2012 ELECTIONS: Presidential candidates cross swords

HEAD TO HEAD:The following is a transcription of the third part of yesterday’s televised presidential debate, in which each candidate posed two questions to each opponent

Transcribed by Loa Iok-sin, Lee I-chia and Jake Chung  /  Staff Reporters

However, besides loving Taiwan, one must ask what else Taiwanese insist on. We insist on being our own masters, the core value of Taiwanese is that we do not want the two sides of the Taiwan Strait to point guns at each other, we want to be in a peaceful relationship. This is a consensus among Taiwanese. What Taiwanese really want is for us all to coexist in peace, so that the next generation can live with dignity and look forward to a prosperous future.

Ma: Chairperson Tsai said that the distance between the pan-blue and pan-green camps seems greater than the distance between the KMT and the Chinese Communist Party [CCP]. Well, I was actually the first person to say that, a long time ago, and with that in mind I have tried on several occasions to arrange a meeting with Chairperson Tsai over the past two or three years, but each time I have been turned down.

I have only had a chance to debate with her on issues related to the ECFA [Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement]. She has never shown any interest in talking to me before; this is the first time I have heard her say publicly that she is willing to talk to me, and about issues such as “one China, with each side having its own interpretation.” That is great news, I am as happy, as if hearing someone’s footsteps in an empty valley.

Once I am re-elected I will invite Chairperson Tsai to discuss “one China, with each side having its own interpretation” and the “three noes,” and then we can work toward developing a true Taiwan consensus.

I think Chairperson Tsai understands that our “Three Noes” policy — no unification, no independence, no use of force” truly represents mainstream public opinion in Taiwan.

A Taiwan consensus based on a promise that there will be no talks on unification, no declaration of independence and no use of force while I am president, is supported by an absolute majority of the people, and that ensures we stand firm when negotiating with the Mainland [China].

More importantly, this idea is clear, it’s not vague, unlike Chairperson Tsai’s idea of “harmony without uniformity, and seeking similarities in peace” — no one has any idea what that means. In contrast, everyone understands what I am saying, the “one China” in “one China, with each having its own interpretation” is the Republic of China. Are you not able to recognize the Republic of China when you are running for the position of its president? If not, then what exactly are you running for?

I very much hope that we will have a chance in the future to invite chairpersons Tsai and Soong to talks. Let us forget about political ideologies and come up with a Taiwan consensus that truly represents Taiwan, and based on that we can then talk with the mainland — I completely support that idea.

However, I ask that Chairperson Tsai does not turn down my invitation when it is extended.

Soong: The next generation is “generation C,” a generation of cloud computing. The industries of “generation C” — for example, food safety, agricultural production sales, health and medicine — all need cloud-computing technology. The government should establish the infrastructure in advance. In the past, [former president] Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) constructed the freeway system; now I promise to establish an Internet freeway. I propose that Chunghwa Telecom Co give bandwidth back to the people, cut the fee by half, double the speed and break up the company, if necessary, to prevent a monopoly and protect people’s rights. Internet speed in Shanghai increased 10-fold overnight. In the past 12 years, your two political parties have both been in office, but neither could achieve this. Chairman Ma and Chairperson Tsai, what do you think about this issue?

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