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US official worried about Tsai: report

‘BLINDSIDED’:The DPP said that the comments by an anonymous US official quoted by the ‘Financial Times’ amounted to US interference in the presidential election

By William Lowther  /  Staff Reporter in Washington

“Nonetheless, the US has strategic interests, which with regard to Taiwan include continuing peaceful relations across the Strait so as not to divert the US and China from areas of cooperation important to both, such as in managing regional hotspots, the global financial and economic situation, and non-proliferation,” Paal said.

“Dr Tsai’s ambiguous approach to finely worded issues in the cross-strait relationship left American officials with doubts about her preparedness to preserve the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. If she chooses to address and adjust these policies more specifically and constructively, perhaps she can dispel the American doubts well before the election and the matter will become moot,” he said.

A congressional source who independently asked the US State Department for comment was told: “The ‘official’ mentioned in the article is totally unknown to us and certainly does not speak for the Obama administration. The administration does not take sides in Taiwan’s [or any country’s] election. It’s up to the people of Taiwan to choose their own leaders in an election. Our interest is in a free, fair and open presidential election, not in supporting or criticizing any presidential candidate. Administration officials met this week with DPP candidate Tsai in Washington and had substantive discussions, but we do not comment on the content of those meetings.”

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