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US academics decry unfair treatment in Chen trial

‘STENCH OF VINDICTIVENESS’Arthur Waldron and Ma Ying-jeou’s former university professor, Jerome Cohen, said Chen should have an adequate chance to defend himself


“Both sides must keep in mind the interests of the island and all its people and not the immediate political benefits of this party or that party. We need more reconciliation and to get it we need to air the truth about the past and some of the horrible incidents that we must not forget,” he said.

Waldron said that historical wrongs are not easy to right.

“Once someone is assassinated they are dead. Punishing the guilty may be desirable but the victim remains dead. The best thing is to go forward to build a society where that sort of thing can’t happen again,” he said.

“If you favor democracy for Taiwan, real democracy, you are going to be pushed into a position which is increasingly unwelcome in Beijing. And this is the dilemma we face,” he said.

“China now has real money and real weapons and they can write checks of real size that are very difficult for people to resist. Our democratic values and our beliefs in human liberty and freedom may tug against some of our material values. I hope we will know which way to choose,” he said.

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