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US House lambasts EU on China arms

WRONG MESSAGE US lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a resolution criticizing the plan to lift an arms ban on Beijing, citing the threat to regional stability


Rice told reporters that in view of the Human Rights concerns that led to the embargo in the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre in Beijing, "one has to be very careful not to send the wrong signal about human rights. And, of course, we do have concerns about the strategic military considerations of doing so."

Asked whether she is resigned to the actual lifting of the embargo, Rice said, "we're not resigned to anything. I think at this point we need to continue to discuss it and work it out."

She declined to discuss any possible US retaliation against the EU if the embargo is lifted. Some members of Congress have discussed imposing some sort of retaliation, including imposing restrictions on transfers to Europe.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed welcome yesterday for the passage of the resolution.

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