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Chen blasts Lien's `Cabinet' idea

DESTRUCTION A pan-green majority in the legislature is needed to make much needed reforms, and to ensure the blue camp doesn't wreak havoc with the country, Chen said

By Jewel Huang  /  STAFF REPORTER

After presiding over the DPP's Central Standing Committee, President Chen Shui-bian, second left, holds a press conference to call for supporters to vote for three veteran legislative candidates, from left to right, Wang Tuoh, Trong Chai and Ker Chien-ming, for their re-election.


President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday said that the so-called "five crises" caused by the pan-blue camp would continue to plague Taiwan if the pan-green camp failed to win a majority in the legislative elections. He also said that Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan's (連戰) recent controversial remarks about forming his own Cabinet would cause a constitutional crisis which would constitute "one country with two governments."

Chen made the statement yesterday in a speech before the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) weekly central standing committee.

Chen first noted how impressed he was to see that the massive rallies launched by the Taiwan Solidarity Union and the pan-blue camp on Sunday came to a peaceful end, which showed the "democratic accomplishments of Taiwanese" people, according to Chen.

"The only regrettable thing on that day was that KMT Chairman Lien Chan made an astonishing remark that if the pan-blue camp wins a legislative majority, it could form a government according to the Constitution," Chen said.

"In fact, there is no single article in the Constitution stipulating that a legislative majority has the power to form a Cabinet," he added.

"Lien's remarks not only violated the Constitution, it destroyed the Constitution," Chen said.

The president said that Lien should know more clearly than any other person the reason that the Legislative Yuan forfeited the power of approving the premier in the constitutional amendment in 1997.

"Lien ignores historical facts and distorts constitutional regulations simply because of his personal desire for power," Chen said.

"I would like to remind the nation that Lien's remarks were not simply inflammatory campaign rhetoric, but grave warnings for us," he added.

"It cautioned us that the disorder caused by the pan-blue camp would not end, but would get worse if the pan-green camp fails to win a legislative majority."

Chen also pointed out that Taiwan would suffer from five major pan-blue-driven crises, which he said would constitute "constitutional disorder, shattered political situation, unstable national security, downgrading of justice and disappearing competitiveness."

Chen also added that these concerns were by no means just rhetoric, noting the violent clashes the nation experienced in the aftermath of both the 2000 and this year's presidential election.

If the pan-blue camp once again wins a legislative majority, it might exploit its majority advantage to pass laws that are unconstitutional, such as the 319 Shooting Truth Investigation Special Commission Statute (三一九槍擊事件真調會條例).

"The pan-blue camp could possibly cause constitutional chaos akin to `one country with two governments' with its majority violence," Chen said.

"It might also launch a series of political moves such as the dissolution of the Cabinet, recalling the president or impeaching the president, which would paralyze the government and make the country unable to progress," he also said.

The much-needed arms procurement bill would unlikely be able to pass if the pan-blue camp retains a legislative majority. This would cripple the nation's ability to keep the balance of military power with China, he said.

Also, the passage of the Disposition of Assets Improperly Obtained by Political Parties Law (政黨不當取得財產處理條例), National Pension Law (國民年金法) which will allow senior citizens aged 65 or older to receive a monthly pension of NT$7,500, the amendment to the Organic Law of the Executive Yuan (行政院組織法) and the Resolution Trust Cooperation (金融重建基金) would all die on the floor if the pan-green camp does not win the elections, Chen said.

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