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DPP settles on stalwart for Hualien

A HELPING HAND Though he has lost three previous elections, You Ying-lung is ready to run for county commissioner for the good of the party

By Chang Yun-ping  /  STAFF REPORTER

The DPP yesterday formally announced that You Ying-lung (游盈隆), deputy superintendent of the Ketagalan Institute would run as the party's candidate in the by-election for Hualien County Commissioner.

You, the KMT's Hsieh Shen-shan (謝深山) and independent candidate Wu Kuo-tung (吳國棟) are the only three candidates running for the post.

You agreed to run as the DPP's candidate after he met with President Chen Shui-bian, the DPP chairman, late Tuesday night.

DPP Secretary General Chang Chun-hsiung (張俊雄) yesterday handed the recommendation order to You in Hualien and pledged that the DPP will give its support to help You win the election.

You is running on the DPP ticket for the fourth consecutive time.

He lost the last two Hualien County Commissioner elections in 1997 and 2001, and the DPP's legislative primary in 2001.

You's repeated failures at the polls made him hesitant to run, but he agreed after the DPP's candidate, widow Liu Chao-eh (劉詔娥), dropped out of the race.

"Many of the senior party members held discussions with me about the meaning and the importance of this election. I was touched by their encouragement and the sense of mission the party bestowed upon me," You said yesterday.

"Life is sometimes unpredictable, and now I am fully prepared to fight this battle," You said.

Speaking about why he would try to make a comeback, You said yesterday it is because he can't bear the situation that Hualien has always been marginalized, that the people in Hualien expect prosperity but it hasn't been realized, and that Hualien hasn't had a good leader.

After You decided to run in Hualien for the fourth time, DPP Deputy Secretary-General Lee Ying-yuan (李應元) said, "You is pretty pessimistic, but what he has accepted is a holy mission. Coming back to Hualien for the fourth time means You is really indebted to Hualien's residents and he is obligated to fulfill this task for the local people."

The party yesterday also denied that the Hualien County Commissioner election will be a model for the presidential election.

Regarding the competitiveness of the election, Lee yesterday expressed confidence that You would win as the pan-green camp is united, while the pan-blue camp is facing a tremendous division.

After the KMT chose Hsieh over Wu for the candidacy, Wu registered to run in the election yesterday and expressed confidence that he would win because he has the longest local political career of any of the candidates in Hualien.

However, the KMT's Hualien County Chapter yesterday suggested that the party headquarters expel Wu as his candidacy could dent the pan-blue's chances in Hualien.

Facing possible expulsion, Wu said "I have no opinion if the KMT wants to expel me."

"Being a staunch member of the KMT, I am willing to be nailed to the cross by the KMT, which should re-examine itself if it wishes to expel me," Wu said.

The KMT said You's participation in the election signifies a party vs. party duel which is a prelude to the presidential election next year.

KMT Spokesperson Alex Tsai (蔡正元) yesterday said the party would dispatch a campaign team to Hualien to secure Hsieh's base and reduce the impact of Wu's candidacy.

"The polls show that Hsieh still enjoys the highest support among the three candidates," Tsai said.

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