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Academia Sinica head lambastes researcher


Academia Sinica President Lee Yuan-tseh (李遠哲) has vowed to punish a researcher at the institute who had taught classes and traveled abroad while he was supposed to be under home quarantine.

Lee said that Allen Chun (陳奕麟), a researcher in the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica was the guilty party.

Lee made the comments during a question and answer session in the Legislative Yuan yesterday regarding the institution's SARS efforts.

Lee said that being "a so-called top intellectual means being highly qualified, but holding a top degree doesn't necessarily mean one has a lofty moral character."

According to Chinese-language newspapers, Chun returned from Hong Kong on May 1, but instead of adhering to the regulatory 10-day quarantine, he taught classes and then traveled to Australia. Lee was reported as saying that Chun is a US citizen and that he therefore could not be prevented from leaving the country.

New measure effective today

In an attempt to plug a loophole in SARS-prevention efforts, the Department of Health's Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs has asked all pharmacist's associations to inform every pharmacy and drugstore that they are no longer allowed to freely sell fever suppressants to customers with either a fever or respiratory problems.

According to the bureau's deputy director-general, Yu Wan-neng (余萬能), the announcement is only a warning; but if pharmacies and drugstores continued to sell the medication, the government could prosecute offenders under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (藥事法).

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