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Bill to propose CKS hall, statue moves

By Chen Wei-han

Following the decapitation of statues of former President Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) and Japanese engineer Yoichi Hatta, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker yesterday said he has drafted a bill that would repurpose the Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) Memorial Hall and relocate all the nation’s Chiang statues.FULL STORY

Joint exercises between Japan, US navies begin

The US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and other warships yesterday started joint exercises with Japan, the US Navy said, as regional tensions rise over North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. The exercises — also involving a US guided-missile cruiser and guided-missile destroyer — are being heldFULL STORY

FDA hunts eggs over dioxin fears

By Lee I-chia

Following the recall of nearly 7 tonnes of eggs over fears they contain high levels of dioxin, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday said it has inspected 688 retailers and eateries and found them to be free of the questionable produce. Laboratory tests showed thatFULL STORY

France votes in unpredictable presidential election

French voters yesterday flocked to the polls under heavy security in the first round of a highly unpredictable presidential election seen as vital for the future of the EU. Far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron are the favorites to progress to a run-offFULL STORY

IMF, World Bank soften language on trade, climate

Global finance leaders on Saturday dropped a sharp condemnation of trade protectionism and references to climate change from a closing statement that wrapped up the spring meetings of the 189-nation IMF and the World Bank. This year’s meetings were dominated by a debate over how toFULL STORY

Almost 7 tonnes of eggs off the market2017-04-23

By Lee I-chia

Almost 7 tonnes of eggs that could contain high levels of dioxin residues have been removed from retailers’ shelves, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said yesterday. At a news conference on Friday the Food and Drug Administration announced that laboratory tests had revealed that eggsFULL STORY

Yangmingshan Chiang Kai-shek statue beheaded2017-04-23

By Sean Lin

A statue of Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) in Taipei’s Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園) was yesterday found decapitated. The statue in Yang-ming Park was beheaded and had red paint smeared over it with a message saying: “228 mastermind” and “serial killer.” A pro-independence group called the Taiwan NationFULL STORY

Conviction doubts lead to man’s release2017-04-23

By Jason Pan

A man who spent nearly nine years in prison after being convicted of killing a taxi driver was released on Friday, after the Kaohsiung branch of the Taiwan High Court ordered a retrial, ruling that new evidence called his conviction into question. In May 2007, aFULL STORY

Taliban assault kills at least 50 Afghan troops at army base2017-04-23

More than 100 Afghan soldiers were killed or wounded in a coordinated Taliban attack on an army base in northern Afghanistan, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said yesterday. It was the latest in a string of deadly assaults against Afghan military sites, which underscores rising insecurityFULL STORY

Pence, Turnbull affirm ties2017-04-23

US Vice President Mike Pence and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday swept aside any lingering tensions over an agreement on the resettlement of refugees, joining forces to urge China to take a greater role in pressuring North Korea to scuttle its nuclear weapons andFULL STORY

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