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Taiwan in Time: A phoenix among dragons

By Han Cheung

June 25 to July 1 As a high school student, she confronted her Japanese principal over punishing another student who had been overheard speaking Hoklo (also known as Taiwanese) outside of school. Decades later, Hsu Shih-hsien (許世賢) was fearlessly grilling Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) officials asFULL STORY

Love letters to a bookstore

By Vanessa Tsao

Warmth, comfort and a safe haven from reality: Kingstone (金石堂城中店) bookstore’s patrons define what it means to them, as it rolls down its shutters today for the last time. The three-storey bookstore, nestled on a street known as “Book Street,” is closing after the landlordFULL STORY

Intoxicating flowers2018-06-23

By Ian Bartholomew

Few foods come with as many health caveats as betel nut, the chewing of which remains closely associated with Taiwanese culture despite strenuous government effort to discourage the practice. The betel nut has psychoactive substances that promote its use as a stimulant, and it isFULL STORY

Off the BeatenTrack: Neishuangsi Old Trail2018-06-22

By Richard Saunders

Pingdengli (平等里, “flat village”) is a large, and, yes, relatively flat area of land, lying at about 400 meters above sea level in the southern foothills of Yangmingshan (陽明山). Thanks to the Datun Mountains (大屯山群), which loom above it to the north and west, theFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2018-06-22

By Sheryl Cheung

There are only two days left for In the Matter of Color, a group exhibition by four Italian painters who have been active since the 1950s. The gallery ties the four disparate practices together by a central theme of color, describing their use of chromaticsFULL STORY

Highlight: National Open University’s sound effects symposium2018-06-22

By Shereen Lee

Few people fully observe the sounds of footsteps, clothes rustling or silverware clinking. Yet a small subset of professionals spend their lives analyzing these sounds to recreate them in studios, bringing visual entertainment alive behind the scenes. These individuals, known as Foley artists, are expected toFULL STORY

Highlight: Songs of love to bridge distances2018-06-22

By Diane Baker

The Hualien-based TAI Body Theatre (身體劇場與羅蘭) returns to the National Experimental Theater in Taipei tonight for the first of three performances of Tjakudayi: Let’s Talk About Love (Tjakudayi我愛你怎麼說). The six-year-old troupe was founded by Watan Tusi, a Truku, who wanted to explore the traditions of Taiwan’sFULL STORY

A visit to Moscow to change the world2018-06-21

By Dave Carroll

“We are changing the world.” That is the slogan adopted by PJSC Gazprom for the Russian company’s Football for Friendship (F4F) international children’s social program. First held in London in 2013, it initially involved soccer teams from eight FIFA members — England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Russia,FULL STORY

New works star of this year’s ballet gala2018-06-21

By Diane Baker

Wang Tzer-shing (王澤馨) has built an enviable reputation over the course of the 11 ballet galas that her company, Art Wave, has produced in Taipei, as well as shows in Singapore and one last year in Taichung. It is a reputation for quality that notFULL STORY

Taipei’s ‘happenings’ spaces2018-06-20

By Han Cheung

“Wet pussy” is on the menu at a rummage sale at Mowes, as attendees sift through clothes in a basement on a Saturday afternoon. “It’s pretty much a sangria, which has secret ingredients that make it magical and extra wet,” quips event co-organizer Kai HsiehFULL STORY

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