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Cold turkey at Vietnam’s compulsory drug rehab centers

By Jenny Vaughan

During four years of compulsory rehab in Vietnam, Trung spent his drug-free days gluing together false eyelashes as part of what authorities billed as valuable “work therapy” for his heroin addiction. But critics say the work of Trung and tens of thousands of others isFULL STORY

Blood-soaked boulevards

By Sibongile Khumalo

With rifles raised, South African police speed through the streets of Manenberg, responding to yet another call to quell violence in one of the country’s most murderous ganglands. Arriving in this drab suburb of the tourist city of Cape Town, a dead body is found lyingFULL STORY

Canine’s cloud nine2017-12-11

Velvet beds, a relaxing spa, 24-hour medical care and non-alcoholic beers imported from Belgium: the life of a pampered pooch in India would leave many humans envious. Critterati, which claims to be South Asia’s first luxury hotel for dogs, offers suites at up to US$70FULL STORY

Land of widows2017-12-11

Widowed Afghan grandmother Janat Bibi has no adult males left in her family after the Taliban killed her son and two grandsons during an attack on their police base a few months ago. Such bereavements are often a double tragedy for an increasing number ofFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: Love on the frontlines2017-12-10

By Han Cheung

Dec. 11 to Dec. 17 Lee You-pang (李友邦) thought his struggle was over when he returned to Taiwan in mid-December of 1945. After all, he had achieved his dream of helping free Taiwan from the grasp of the Japanese Empire and returning it to the “motherland”FULL STORY

Caffeine buzz2017-12-09

In Wu Qiong’s small cafe in downtown Shanghai, coffee beans nestle in glass jars on the bar while various brews bubble away behind the counter. The cafe — one of thousands of trendy, artisan coffee shops in the city — reflects a growing cafe culture inFULL STORY

Review: Anne Frank: a diary with meaning2017-12-09

By Jerome Keating

To close out Butterfly Effect Theatre’s season, director Brook Hall has a clear winner with Wendy Kesselman’s 1997 adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. In the brief space of two hours, Kesselman’s powerful script condenses the narrow world that eight Jews in hiding (the FrankFULL STORY

Off the Beaten Track: Huisun hot spring2017-12-08

By Richard Saunders

Landlocked Nantou County lies at the heart of Taiwan in several senses. It’s the island’s geographical center, rich in Aboriginal heritage and a showcase of much other traditional culture too. For hikers, it has some of the nation’s most stunning scenery. Forget the over-rated charmsFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-12-08

By Sheryl Cheung

Zhang Xu-zhan (張徐展) creates fantastical black comedy animations that combine the use of modern technology and traditional paper sculpture craft. His solo exhibition Si So Mi is a continuation of his ongoing animation series Hsin Hsin Joss Paper Store Series (紙人展與新興糊紙店系列). The title of theFULL STORY

Highlight: A tale of trials and tribulations2017-12-08

By Diane Baker

Playwright, director, actor and singer Tsai Pao-chang (蔡柏璋), the creative force behind Solo Date, K24 and Q&A (Quest & Amnesia Episode II, 二部曲) is back at the National Theater in Taipei with his latest epic production for the Tainaner Ensemble (台南人劇團), The Book of FateFULL STORY

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