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Taiwan in Time: Return my true name

By Han Cheung

Oct. 23 to Oct 29 It may be strange to hear that the Ispalidav Clan Association was founded in 2015 to prevent incest, but for Aborigines, it was and remains a sad reality of Han Chinese domination. “Our clan is dispersed across Taiwan,”FULL STORY

Chang Tai-shan: Going down swinging2017-10-21

By Liam Gibson

In January 2014, everything seemed to be going well between the Uni-President Lions and Chang Tai-shan (張泰山). Chang was in top form and with a salary raise and a renewed contract, it seemed the club was going to stay the course with him. But soonFULL STORY

Off The Beaten Track: Among Giants: Jhensibao Ancient Tree Groves2017-10-20

By Richard Saunders

There’s a rather charming idiom by which Chinese-speakers describe some of their most enchanting landscapes: renjianxianjing (人間仙境), which means “fairyland on earth.” It’s become a bit of a tourist cliche, but enchanting is definitely the word for the majestic mountain fastness of Taiwan’s wild interior,FULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-10-20

By Sheryl Cheung,

This weekend, Galerie Nichido Taipei (台北日動畫廊) opens a rare group exhibition of modern and contemporary works from Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan and Vietnam. Curated by Gong Jow-jiun (龔卓軍), Air Surprise: An Aerial View of Heterogeneous Landscapes in Modern and Contemporary Taiwan and Japan (向空中突襲: 台日現當代異質風景的藝術鳥瞰) featuresFULL STORY

Highlight: Marriage for a lifetime or a lifetime of marriages2017-10-20

By Diane Baker

In a weekend packed with choices for modern dance fans — eight shows in either Taipei or New Taipei City’s Banciao District alone — it is hard to know which to choose. So how about a show that is all about one of the mostFULL STORY

Highlight: Still crazy after all these years2017-10-20

By Diane Baker

The annual Dream Parade will fill the streets between the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial and Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei tomorrow afternoon with a bit of Brazilian carnival, Mardi Gras and Burning Man zaniness. The first parade was organized by Gordon Tsai (蔡聰明), the founder of the DreamFULL STORY

Fragments of dreams and memories2017-10-19

By Diane Baker

Cheng Tsung-lung’s (鄭宗龍) newest work for Cloud Gate 2 (雲門 2) about dreams, Dream Catcher (捕夢, is unusual from start to finish, but more like a tale from British author Neil Gaiman than an Alice in Wonderland flight of fancy. Like most dreams, Cheng’s work followsFULL STORY

Bad news on wheels2017-10-19

By Han Cheung

The bad news has arrived — British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will not be performing in Taiwan until further notice due to, in his words, “a bit of a bicycle accident.” While he has not specified what happened, most news reports state that he was allegedlyFULL STORY

CD REVIEWS2017-10-19

By Mark Kennedy

Under the Streetlight Boyz II Men Sony Masterworks The guys who gave us Motownphilly in 1991 are making fun of themselves these days in a Geico ad in which they harmonize gross digestive side effects at a pharmacy. “If you’re Boyz II Men, you make anything soundFULL STORY

Book review: A Trans-Pacific Courtship2017-10-19

By Bradley Winterton

Taiwanese conductor Felix Chen (陳秋盛) once told me he thought Madame Butterfly was Puccini’s most beautiful creation. Now Camphor Press has acquired Starcrossed, about the background to the opera, from Eastbridge Books, and absorbing reading it indeed makes. The opera is set in Nagasaki, and Burke-GaffneyFULL STORY

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