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Taipei’s cult of ice cream

By Davina Tham

Forget the supermarket pint and the NT$18 soft serve. Taipei’s independent ice cream parlors are churning out small-batch creations using seasonal, local ingredients — think regional produce, teas and native liquors. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a vegan, a toddler, an office-worker, a creatureFULL STORY

Highways and Byways: A stroll down memory lane2019-05-24

By Steven Crook

What are we to make of a place name that can be read as “West Snail?” Sadly, there’s no evidence that the town to which this beguiling toponym belongs, Siluo (西螺) in Yunlin County (雲林縣), was once overrun by gastropods. Instead, like many place namesFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2019-05-24

By Sheryl Cheung

Sawangwongse Yawnghwe is a Netherlands-based artist from Myanmar. He is the grandson of Sao Shwe Thaik, the first president of Myanmar after the country gained independence from Britain in 1948. Yawnghwe grew up in Canada where his family had been driven into exile after aFULL STORY

Whole lot of shakin’ going on2019-05-24

By Diane Baker

There is an abundance of dance going on in and around Taipei this weekend, from the final weekend of Dance Forum Taipei’s (舞蹈空間) 30th anniversary program to a visit from the Bulareyaung Dance Company (BDC, 布拉瑞揚舞團), and performances by university dance departments and lots moreFULL STORY

The Tang Prize: Taiwan could be the biggest winner2019-05-23

By Steven Crook

Forward-looking altruism that goes beyond borders and could bring Taiwan many benefits or an effort to shift the world’s center of gravity from the West to China? It’s a question that’s been asked about the Tang Prize (唐獎) since it was first awarded in 2014.FULL STORY

Rainbow weddings to the rescue?2019-05-23

By Han Cheung

When Chou Shang-hua (周尚樺) started her same-sex wedding photography service 15 years ago, many wedding businesses refused to work with her. Even when Kristin Huang (黃敏惠) married her girlfriend two years ago, she says her photographer told her his peers made fun of him forFULL STORY

Keep the incense burning2019-05-23

By Davina Tham

A historic rivalry between the clans of Dadaocheng (大稻埕) and Bangka (艋舺, also known as Monga) is the focus of this year’s Taipei Xiahai City God Temple Cultural Festival (台北霞海城隍文化季). The festival coincides with the 199th birthday of the Taipei City God (城隍) and will takeFULL STORY

A pragmatic proposal2019-05-22

By Han Cheung

Even though the families of Alex Chio (邱亮士) and Joe Tsao (曹朝卿) have accepted their sexuality, the couple still haven’t told most of their loved ones that they are getting married. “I have a strong sense of pride and I don’t want to get hurtFULL STORY

The potential of Taiwan’s rainbow tourism2019-05-21

By Davina Tham

Pew Yawei (俞雅娓) says Taiwan’s friendliness toward LGBT people is a “magical vibe” and a big part of the reason why the Singaporean has visited Taipei twice in as many months. During a visit earlier this month, Pew bought magazines and music albums at GinGin Store,FULL STORY

The world is my office: why I chose to become a digital nomad worker2019-05-20

By Greg Lea

I dismissed the idea at first. Over a picnic in south London’s Brockwell Park last May my friend Tom asked whether I had ever considered leaving the UK behind and continuing my football journalism career abroad. “Nice thought, mate,” I replied. “But I can’t see itFULL STORY

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