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Blue wine? A tea-infused vintage? Spain startup shakes things up

Five years ago, a group of university students in Spain’s Basque Country decided they wanted to shake up a sector — any sector — but preferably one to do with food or drink. So Imanol, Inigo, Gorka, Aritz and Taig picked the most traditional of themFULL STORY

Would you eat insects to save the planet from global warming?

By Jessica Brown

The thought of rising sea levels and more intense heatwaves are enough to keep you up at night. But while we all know the situation is getting more serious, most of us are preoccupied with work, doctor’s appointments and paying bills — and these immediate,FULL STORY

Prost, ganbei, cheers: Climate change means less beer

If you crave a pint (or two) at the end of a hard day, brace yourself: climate change is poised to make your favorite lager, ale or IPA more scarce and pricey. On current trends, a crescendo of heatwaves and droughts will periodically cause sharp declinesFULL STORY

Highways and Byways: The City God’s acre: A look at historic Chiayi2018-10-19

By Steven Crook

Chiayi City gets short shrift from travel writers. That international travelers reaching the municipality tend to immediately head west (to see water birds near the coast) or east (for Alishan and other highland destinations) is both a cause and a consequence. Yet, within 1.5km ofFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2018-10-19

By Sheryl Cheung

John Monteith is a Canadian-born artist and curator who has temporarily transformed the Taipei Contemporary Art Center into an installation of originally designed flags. Kindred Spirits (志趣相投) interprets “the architecture of various relational sites of social exchange that make up the urban environment,” writes theFULL STORY

Highlight: A day for dreamers2018-10-19

By Diane Baker

The annual Dream Parade, sponsored by the Dream Community (夢想社區) in New Taipei City’s Sijhih District (汐止), will see several blocks of Taipei between the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Renai Road and Ketagalan Boulevard filled tomorrow with samba drumming bands, floats, puppets, dancers — including oneFULL STORY

A crowning jewel for southern Taiwan2018-10-18

By Diane Baker

There were a lot of happy, smiling faces in Kaohsiung on Saturday last week as the Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts formally opened, but the biggest smiles were on the faces of the center’s artistic director, conductor Chien Wen-pin (簡文彬), and its DutchFULL STORY

Collaborative dance2018-10-18

By Diane Baker

Works by three of Taiwan’s younger generation of notable choreographers will be performed this weekend, two that wrap up the Taipei Arts Festival and one under the auspices of the Kuandu Arts Festival. All three Taiwanese have developed substantial international contacts, two by touring their worksFULL STORY

Book review: Over the moon for Taiwan2018-10-18

By Bradley Winterton

Formosa Moon is a charming, chatty yet incisive book describing a journey around Taiwan. Starting from Portland, Oregon, the two writers, who pen alternating pages, are Joshua Samuel Brown — who has known Taiwan since 1994 and has written extensively about it — and StephanieFULL STORY

‘Addicted’ to giving2018-10-17

By Han Cheung

Tom Chen (陳建嘉) still shakes with fear at the sight of needles, but looking at the track marks on his arm you wouldn’t know it. “When I see the doctor, sometimes they think I’m a drug addict,” Chen quips. The 55-year-old Taipei resident is, however,FULL STORY

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