No talking

By Andrew C.C. Huang  /  Contributing reporter

Thu, Oct 17, 2013 - Page 12

Jump is a South Korean musical, but for its audiences this weekend in Taipei, language won’t be a hurdle: This production is entirely non-verbal.

There is no dialogue in the interest of allowing comedy and martial arts to take center stage, Jong-Hoe Koo told the Taipei Times.

The musical is about a family of martial artists: Shin Jung-hoon as the father, Hong Kyung-ae as the mother, Lee Ju-hee as the daughter and Jo Hun-young as the boyfriend.

When two eccentric burglars invade their home, the family pulls no punches in defense. Out comes a dazzling combination of martial arts, mainly to comedic effect.

Hong shines as an unconventional mother who is proudly sexy and adroit with her chopsocky kicks. Shin is the funny and charismatic father, and Jo is a convincingly bashful but smoldering future son-in-law.

The 90-minute slapstick production has entertained audiences across the globe since it premiered in 2003, and has since been performed over 4,000 times in cities including Seoul, New York, London and Beijing, said Koo.

“This show has something for everyone — action, comedy, romance, sexiness.” Koo said. “Western audiences relish this show for the kungfu novelty … Asian audiences who are accustomed to kungfu enjoy this show for the comedy.”