Kaohsiung rocks the weekend

The third incarnation of the Rainbow Bay Festival, a two-day music event that features over 50 bands playing on seven stages, starts Saturday

By Andrew C.C. Huang  /  Contributing reporter

Wed, Oct 09, 2013 - Page 12

The third edition of Rainbow Bay Festival (大彩虹音樂季) will take place at Greater Kaohsiung’s Pier 2 Arts Center (高雄駁二藝術特區) this weekend. The two-day music marathon is considered one of the most influential music events in southern Taiwan, and organizers expect to draw more than 40,000 revelers to the event this year.

With Nobody Can Take Away My Courage as its theme, Rainbow hopes to encourage its musicians to overcome adversity. The 50-plus musical acts will perform on seven main stages: Big Rainbow stage (大彩虹舞台) for established bands, Small Rainbow stage (小彩虹舞台) for pop acts, Sun stage (日光舞台) for singer/songwriters, Moon stage (月光舞台) for heavy metal bands, Rainbow Party (彩虹派對) for hip hop acts, Courage stage (勇氣舞台) for underground bands and Earth stage (地球舞台) for the rave party.

“We’ve decided to highlight heavy metal music because it’s one of the more vibrant scenes over the past few years,” says Melisa Chiao (焦惠芬), CEO of Da Da Arts Promotion (大大娛樂) which is organizing the two-day event.

The featured heavy metal bands performing this year include: post-rock group Sun of Morning (晨曦光廊), Tainan metal outfit Burning Island (火燒島), thrash metal veterans Solemn (恕) and Out to Survive (適者生存), power pop/punk group Mister Mouth (嘴哥樂團) as well as deathcore act Sideffect (賽德費).

Other events include music forums with industry professionals, a craft market and snack stalls, and open mic performances.

“We hope a music festival like this creates a platform for more music to be heard,” Chiao said.

Performer Lineup


2:15pm Cosmos People (宇宙人)

3pm Sun of Morning (晨曦光廊), Dennis Sun X R.A.Y Band (孫自佑 X R.A.Y Band) and Sorry Youth (拍謝少年)

4pm Wonfu (旺福)

4:30pm Shuo X Cool Humor (蕭賀碩 X 冷笑話樂團)

4:45pm Jing Chang X BOXING (張芸京 X BOXING)

5pm Burning Island (火燒島)

5:45pm Second-Hand Roses (二手玫瑰)

6pm The Girl and the Robots (女孩與機器人)

6:30pm Sandee Chan (陳珊妮)

7pm Solemn (恕)

7:30pm Tolaku (脫拉庫) and Peggy Hsu (許哲珮)

8:15pm Soft Lipa ft. Miss Ko (蛋堡 ft. 葛仲珊)

9pm Ann Bai (白安)

9:15pm Bobby Chen X New Treasure Island Band (陳昇X新寶島康樂隊)

10pm DJ Party

11pm Dog-G (大支)

12:40am Color Party Girl

1am DJ Jerry (羅百吉)


2:15pm R. Chord X Sea Level (謝和弦 X 海平面樂團)

3pm Out to Survive (適者生存), 1976 and Lala Hsu (徐佳瑩 a.k.a. Hsu Chia-ying)

4pm Backquarters (四分衛)

4:30pm TRASH and Lie Gramophone (謊言留聲機)

4:45pm Deserts Chang (張懸)

5pm Mister Mouth (嘴哥樂團)

5:45pm Hello sleepwalkers

6:30pm Buddha Jump (佛跳牆樂團)

7pm Sideffect (賽德費)

7:30pm MATZKA

8:15pm Faith Yang (楊乃文)

9pm Waa Wei (魏如萱)

9:15pm Magic Power (MP魔幻力量)