When words fail

By Noah Buchan  /  Staff reporter

Sun, Jul 07, 2013 - Page 12

There would be little point in using text to describe Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian’s (高行健) austere and inscrutable black-and-white ink paintings, 20 of which are currently on view at Asia Art Center’s (亞洲藝術中心) Neihu (內湖) gallery in a rare exhibition titled The Edge of Reality (夢境邊緣). Except, perhaps, to cite his own words, for Gao has traded in — forever he says — the pen for the brush.

“Painting starts at the point where literature reaches the boundary of its expressive power,” Gao says.

“The artist’s role is to find a new language. And this new language cannot be conveyed in words.”

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