Ocean size

By Noah Buchan  /  Staff reporter

Sun, Mar 31, 2013 - Page 12

Leigh Wen’s (鄭麗雲) exhibition The Unfathomable Universe (宇宙洪荒) seeks a fine balance between order and chaos, her large-scale oil paintings an attempt to weave these opposites together into a visual whole. She narrates her themes through the pictorial language of water, earth, air and fire — elements that variously suggest solidity and flow.

Wen’s working method is highly involved: She primes the canvas with layers of pigment and then scrapes the moistened paint with a stylus to create rhythm and depth, which draws the viewer’s attention to the thickness and texture of the painted surface. The juxtaposition of the solid coloring in the background and the rhythmic lines in the foreground creates a complex of emotional states — vitality, internal commotion and tranquility.

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