Fright night fun

Halloween may fall on Wednesday, but the spooky festivities start this weekend with a full roster of live music

By Olivia Wycech and Marcus Aurelius  /  Contributing reporters

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 - Page 12

Fifteen years ago, Halloween was barely a blip on the radar screen in Taiwan’s nightlife. Now, it’s the second busiest night of the year after New Year’s Eve for most bars and clubs, so expect them to go all out. If you are planning a night on the town, some kind of costume is a must (for places to find costumes, see page 12 of last Saturday’s edition of the Taipei Times).

This year’s mammoth party, as it has been for seven years in a row, is Halloween Massive (萬獸派對) at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Center (新北市工商展覽中心). Massive’s only competition over the years has been with themselves by making the lineup bigger and better than previous years. For this Halloween, they’ve loaded the roster full of A-list DJs including Arty, Nadia Ali, Cosmic Gate, John Dahlback, Felix Da Housecat, and Drop the Lime.

TheLOOP, the party planners behind Halloween Massive, is shedding its image of only throwing trance-centric parties. The night will start out on the house side of the spectrum, transition into electro as the drinks start to go down, and finish off with trance for those in it for the long haul. But don’t count on any of the DJs to stick to just one genre throughout the night.

“I usually just play off the energy of the people,” said Felix Da Housecat (real name Felix Stallings) in an email interview with the Taipei Times. Felix is a DJ who is famed for overseeing the birth of Chicago house music back in 1984, and has since played everything from hip-hop to R&B to techno jams.

“Good music is good music. I try to stay away from all the categories and trends, and just try to do my own thing,” Felix said. “I think electronic music has definitely become more popular, but at same time it still remains a movement and culture. But my heart will always be in the underground.”

In his more than 20 years on the international dance music circuit, this is Felix Da Housecat’s first excursion to Taiwan and he’s anxious to get here. “I love Asia because I love the energy there,” he said. “I’m excited to see Taipei because it’s a new experience for me, to share music and see everyone dancing to the beat of the drum.”

Halloween Massive is also unquestionably Asia’s largest costume party. Attendance in past years has been over 8,000 annually, with most revelers donning meticulously crafted attire. If you’re into colossal parties, Halloween Massive is the kind of event that you should experience at least once in a lifetime.

■ Halloween Massive, tomorrow at 9pm at the New Taipei Exhibition Center (新北市工商展覽中心), 1, Wucyuan Rd, Wugu Industry Park, New Taipei City (新北市五股工業區五權路1號). Tickets are still available until the end of today at any iBon or FamiPort machine for NT$1,400. Tickets at the door will be NT$1,600.

For those in Kaohsiung, Krafty Kuts from England is coming your way tomorrow night. Best known for his producing skills, Kuts is sure to shake up the dance floor at the Technophobia party at the city’s recently opened Sway Club. Kuts’ resume runs the electronic gamut, but also features one thing that doesn’t often make playlists in Taiwan: Breakbeats. This is a special treat for a city that is often left off international tour schedules.

■ Krafty Kuts, tomorrow from 10pm to 4am at the Sway Club, 3F, 161 Shihchuan 1st Rd, Kaohiung City (高雄市十全一路161號3F). Admission is NT$1,000.

Recently, the Funky Brothers (放客兄弟) stated that they would be going on hiatus from live shows so that they could record their first album after they raise NT$380,000 from crowdsourcing. The promoters at Frog in a Sock talked them out of their hideout to headline Resurrection III at the Red Theater (紅樓劇場) in Ximending (西門町).

According to lead singer Airy Liu (劉怡伶), they’ve been in meetings “all day and night” trying to plan the album. About tomorrow night, Liu said, “We are looking forward to singing at this party. We are the Funky Brothers and we will be bringing Funky Brothers to Halloween.”

Kid Millionaire, a recently formed electro-rock outfit that plays a full set without stopping in between songs, is also on the bill. DJs Noodles, Marcus Aurelius, Uppity, Digital D, NekBrace, Robi Roka and Shelter round out the night’s entertainment. There is also NT$10,000 up for grabs for best costume.

■ Resurrection III, tomorrow from 9:30pm to 4am at the Red House Theater (西門紅樓), 177 Xining S Rd, Taipei City (台北市西寧南路177號). Pre-sale tickets are available at all iBon/FamiPort outlets for NT$700 (NT$500 for students). Tickets at the door are NT$900, includes one drink (NT$700 for students, not including a drink).

Skaraoke’s raging set at last week’s Daniel Pearl Day was a real fan favorite. Their blend of horns, happiness and humor won over what turned out to be the biggest dancing crowd of the day. Tomorrow, Skaraoke takes the stage with Miss Banana and the Destroyers at Revolver’s Halloween party.

Miss Banana is a quirky electro rock outfit with a female vocalist. “They are perfect for getting the night started,” said Jez Gray, co-owner of Revolver.

The Destroyers are a fairly new alternative punk band on the scene with high energy riffs to get people more energized. The party ends with DJs James Ho and Sonia from the Bounce Girls.

■ Tomorrow from 10pm to 5am, at Revolver, 1-2, Roosevelt Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市羅斯福路一段1-2號). Admission is free.

The Brass Monkey kicks things into full gear with their Halloween party every year. All the staff are dressed up and a majority of customers make a great effort on their costumes, says Max Murphy, the bar’s owner.

Those dressed in Halloween regalia won’t have to wait in line to enter. The rowdy crowds at Brass Monkey will be listening to the sounds of DJ Sharon all night and will participate in a contest with a NT$5,000 prize for best costume and NT$5,000 prize for sexiest costume.

■ Tomorrow at 9pm at the Brass Monkey, 166 Fuxing N Rd, Taipei City (台北市復興北路166號). Admission for women in costume is NT$150 and includes a drink and free drinks from 9pm-12am. Admission for women not in costume is NT$300 and includes two drinks. Admission for men in costume is NT$450 and includes two drinks. Admission for men without costume is NT$600 and includes two drinks.