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The examination of innocence and childhood link Taiwanese artists Chou Chu-wang (周珠旺), Wu Keng-chen (吳耿禎) and Chang En-tzu (張恩慈) in their group exhibition Between Pure and Naughty (純真X頑皮). Chou’s drawings and sculptures highlight the cute yet potentially cruel aspects of children. Wu employs paper-cutting techniques to create naughty and playful red figures,

which he arranges on rotating glass surfaces. Fairy tales such as Bambi

and Snow White are metaphorically turned on their heads through Chang’s weaving.

■ Project Fulfill Art Space (就在藝術空間), 2, Alley 45, Ln 147, Xinyi Rd Sec 3, Taipei City (台北市信義路三段147巷45弄2號). Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 2pm to 9pm, closes at 7pm on Sundays. Tel: (02) 2325-0023

■ Until Oct. 25

The Zebra in Flowery World (花花斑馬) is a solo show by contemporary Taiwanese painter Lai Yu-cheng (賴昱成) that depicts exotic animals existing in a post-apocalyptic landscape free of humans. The animals wear breathing apparatuses that enable them to survive on a planet of brown hills punctuated with neon-pink and orange vegetation.

■ Butchart Contemporary Art Space, 155, Linong St Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市立農街二段155號). Open daily from 11am to 9pm. Tel: (02) 2820-9920

■ Until Oct. 10

Sculpting in Time (雕刻時光) is a new series of expressionist works by renowned Taiwanese painter Yang Chi-hung (楊識宏). Yang’s large canvases merge the furious styles of Western abstraction with the ideal of contemplation found in Chinese-literati painting.

■ Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (國父紀念館), 505, Renai Rd Sec 4, Taipei City


■ Until Oct. 18

US ceramicist Deborah Sigel focuses on the radiance of blooming flowers in her solo exhibit Fresh. The popular image of a flower is generally that of the bloom even though its existence is short-lived. Sigel seeks to suspend a flower’s beauty in time and draw the viewer’s attention towards its innate symmetry and balance.

■ Yingge Ceramics Museum (鶯歌陶瓷博物館), 200 Wenhua Rd, Yinge Township, Taipei County (北縣鶯歌鎮文化路200號). Open Tuesdays to Fridays from 9:30am to 5pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am to 6pm.

Tel: (02) 8677-2727

■ Until Oct. 18

Lilies of Taipei is a collection of new oil paintings by British artist and Taipei resident Timothy Nathan Joel.

■ Lili Arts Space (Lili藝術空間), 2F, 760, Zhongshan N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City

(台北市中山北路六段760號2樓). Open daily from 11:30am to 9pm.

Tel: (02) 2876-0798

■ Until Oct. 4

The sounds of nature, people and traffic are among those that Taiwanese artist Chang Yung-ta (張永達) recorded for his installation Y Phenomenon (#1~#3) (Y現象 (#1∼#3)). Chang collected the sounds while participating in an internship at the Yamaguchi Center for the Arts and Media in Japan. Using digital modulation techniques, Chang rearranges these sounds into tiny modules of light that are located throughout the exhibition area.

■ National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (國立台灣美術館), 2, Wuchuan W Rd Sec 1, Taichung City (台中市五權西路一段2號). Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 5pm. Tel: (04) 2372-3552

■ Until Oct. 18


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