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Compiled by Martin Williams  /  STAFF REPORTER

Fri, Oct 26, 2007 - Page 18

Rainbow Song

This is a well-received Japanese drama from last year about the relationship between a young man and woman that is cut short when the woman is killed in a plane crash. The crash comes at the beginning of the film, so the back-story of their friendship has an increasingly wistful air as what could have been becomes apparent. Not as bleak as it sounds, it is likely to appeal to older teens, especially those mortified by teen sex comedies. Yu Aoi, who plays the ill-fated woman's blind sister, won a number of awards for her performance, in which she "absolutely shines," according to Variety.


A mermaid mother, black magic and man-eating butterflies feature in this colorful, bigger-budget Thai fantasy from last year. Sudsakorn is based on an epic poem by a renowned Thai poet in which a boy leaves his mother on a quest to find the father he never knew. On the way, he is set upon by spell-casting warlocks and every nasty creature imaginable. At least he has a trusty half-horse, half-dragon that can gallop on water.