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Fri, Aug 17, 2007 - Page 15

One day you are a local DJ handing out flyers, throwing parties, getting people out to shows and making sure that everyone knows your name. Then, bang, it happens. All that blood, sweat and tears finally feels like it may pay big dividends. An e-mail arrives offering a good salary in an exotic land. Resumes and mixes are exchanged and negotiations seem to be going well. Soon, you have a flight and housing paid for and are the headlining resident at a big-name club in some small corner of Asia.

"You've just got to be lucky sometimes," said Stimulant J, a DJ from Vancouver who landed a two-month residency at MoS five months ago. "Danny Taylor and Johnny Lin were looking for a hip-hop DJ and I was one of 10 names. They liked my versatility with the past events that I had been involved with. In the end, my experience at MoS was excellent. I got to be a resident at one of the most beautiful clubs in the world and establish my name in the international market."

What happens to a DJ after returning home from a prime gig in Taiwan? While MoS has since closed down, Stimulant J has rolled with the momentum. "I knew coming here would help in some way or the other. I had no idea how much of an impact that it would really end up having. Since April, I was offered another resident night and have been fortunate to get a lot of gigs through different cities in Canada and the US. Also, I was just recently asked to open for Snoop Dogg, Lil' Jon, Bubba Sparxx, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston and 2 Live Crew, all within the next three weeks! I think it's safe to say coming to Taiwan made a huge impact with my career back home."

Taiwan enlightened Stimulant J on the ways of the world. "On a personal level, I feel the best thing I learned was how to enjoy everyday life that's stress-free. It's so much more relaxed here. I could envision myself living somewhere other than North America for the long term for the first time in my life. On the DJ tip, the biggest thing I discovered was versatility. Taiwan has a much different club scene than I'm used to, playing in North America. With that, I now feel my deejaying has gotten stronger than ever. I can cater to different crowds, not just the same market. That, to me, is huge."

The old MoS team has formed an island-wide production crew and has brought Stimulant J back for a mini-tour of Taiwan that culminates tonight at Lamp in Kaohsuing. The club is located at 3F, 42 Tsechiang 3rd Rd, Lingya Dist., Kaoshiung (高雄市苓雅區自強三路42號3樓). Call (07) 269-6527 or visit