Movie: Big Shot's Funeral


Sat, Mar 30, 2002 - Page 13

Rated G, directed by Feng Xiao-gang (馮小剛), with Ge You (葛優), Rosamund Kwan (關之琳), Donald Sutherland, running time: 100 minutes.

Donald Sutherland plays world-famous director Don Tyler who has always been fond of Chinese culture. Tyler is in the middle of a mega-budget re-make of The Last Emperor when he suffers a creative block. Yo Yo is a Chinese cameraman who was hired on as the film's cinematographer and when Tyler falls in a coma as a result of his stress, his last wish is that Yo Yo throw him a wacky ``comedy funeral.'' As King intends to make the funeral a world-wide televised extravaganza, the costs become uncontrollable and the only thing Yo Yo and his producer friend King can do is open bids to place advertisements in the funeral. An Italian brand of furniture supplies the bed for Tyler to lay on and Cozy Cola, Obituary Bird and others among Tyler's "close friends" take part as well. But in the midst of the unbridled craze for commercial placement, Tyler wakes up.