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By Sheryl Cheung  /  Contributing Writer

Tai Chin-nung, Spirit Journey to the Old Country (Republican period).

Photo Courtesy of National Palace Museum

Born in 1936, Liao Shiou-ping (廖修平) is a distinguished Taiwanese painter and printmaker who went abroad to study and live in Japan, France and the US in the mid 20th century. He learned the art of intaglio, a form of printing, in the famous Parisian printmaking studio Atelier 17 and later settled down in the US where he established his own studio. He eventually moved back to Taiwan. Simple Noble: The Artist Careers of Liao Shiou-ping (樸素高貴:廖修平的藝術歷程) is a retrospective spanning the 1960s until the present. While adopting Western influences in technique and culture, Liao also drew inspiration from his own cultural roots and childhood memories. “Modest and focused, the artist transforms plain and simple symbols into [an] aesthetic [that is] profound and noble,” writes the gallery.

■ Liang Gallery (尊彩藝術中心), 366, Ruiguang Rd, Taipei City (台北市瑞光路366號), tel: (02) 2797-1100. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 6pm

■ Until Nov. 24

In collaboration with Casino Luxembourg — Forum for Contemporary Art, TheCube Project Space (立方計劃空間) presents The Ouroboros (銜尾蛇), an joint exhibition that is happening simultaneously in Taipei and Luxembourg. The show is part of a year-long Taiwan-Luxembourg exchange program that began last year. The ourobors, an ancient symbol that appears in many different religions and myths, depicts a serpent swallowing its own tail. The image traditionally refers to ideas of infinity, repetition and cycles of birth and death. Psychologist Carl Jung once proposed the ouroboros as related to the archetype of the human psyche. The show identifies with the ouroboros as a central theme that connects different responses to the general question of human survival. Eleven video works by eight artists are on view, engaging with the relationship between humanity, technology and nature.

■ TheCube Project Space (立方計劃空間), 2F, Ally 1, Ln 136, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei City (台北市羅斯福路四段136巷1弄13號2樓). tel: (02) 2368-9418. Open Wednesdays to Sundays from 2pm to 8pm

■ Until Oct. 20

ANiMAL—Art, Science, Nature, Society (動物藝想) is an exhibition of new media art curated by the City University of Hong Kong. The show explores the animal world through various fields, including art, science and the social sciences. Some of the featured works are inspired by masterpieces in the collection of the National Palace Museum, such as Morphosis of Castiglione’s Hundred Horses, a multimedia interpretation of Giuseppe Castiglione’s 18th century silk hand scroll, One Hundred Horses. In the new work, a digital animation of changing fur textures based on Castiglione’s paintings are projected onto a life-size horse sculpture. In addition to referencing historical works of art, the university presents artistic endeavours that integrate modern medicine technologies. CT Scans of a Cat and a Dog are computer-processed images that show cross sections of animals’ bodies based on data from X-ray measurements.

■ Songshan Feng-tian Temple (松山奉天宮), 12, Ln 221, Fude St, Taipei City (台北市福德街221巷12號), tel: (02) 2727-9765. Open Tuesdays to Sundays 9:30am to 5pm

■ Until Oct. 27

Fine Works Donated to the National Palace Museum: A Selection of Modern Paintings and Calligraphy (受贈品展—現代書畫選萃) is the latest iteration of the National Palace Museum’s ongoing exhibitions of privately donated works. The show features seven calligraphers and painters born in the early 20th century who made remarkable contributions to the modern art of Taiwan. Huang Chun-pi (黃君璧) was an influential ink painter and educator well versed in a wide range of painting techniques. His misty landscape, Water from the Deep Green Cliff (自作蒼崖飛瀑), is a dynamic monochromatic composition with nuanced brushwork that is unrestrained yet subtly powerful.

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