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By Sheryl Cheung  /  Contributing Writer

Aspiration Music Productions (Lim Giong and Point), Huang Pang-chuan, Tsai Meng-chang, Incomplete Memories (2019).

Photo Courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Metaphysical Art Gallery (形而上畫廊) presents Never Say Goodbye (不要說再見), a retrospective of the late modern artist Wu Hao (吳昊). As a prolific painter and printmaker, he was an iconic figure of the Post World War II art scene. In 1956, Wu co-founded the pioneering art collective Ton Fan Group (東方畫會) together with seven other artists who studied under the Chinese painter Lee Chun-Shang (李仲生). The group searched for modernity in tradition by exploring the language of abstract painting. Wu’s retrospective features 22 pieces that offer a panoramic view of his career from 1975 to 2011. While he is best known for his luscious prints inspired by Taiwanese folk art, Wu tackled a number of artistic ideas, including multi-perspective flatness and the unsophisticated tastes of popular art, writes the gallery. “Wu transformed popular symbols and images into modern structures and styles, expressing… tender yet wild, unrestrained qualities.” In 2010, Wu, 78, continued to explore new ideas, including compositions that involved outdoor subjects and themes. In honor of Wu Hao, the gallery will also host a charity bazaar featuring limited edition prints. For more information please contact the gallery.

■ Metaphysical Art Gallery (形而上畫廊), 7F, 219, Dunhua S Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市敦化南路一段219號7樓), tel: (02) 2771-3236. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 6:30pm

■ Until June 30

Wang Ya-hui (王雅慧) is a Taipei-based artist who creates photographs, videos and installations that reflect on the quotidian. Wang challenges the boundaries of visual perception by exploring opposites such as emptiness and fullness, interior and exterior, and transforming elements of daily life into new visual networks, which she refers to as constellations. Her solo exhibition at Eslite Gallery (誠品畫廊), A Brief History of Time (時間簡史), features 18 works created in the past 15 years that offer insight into the artist’s contemplations of nature, time and life. The gallery compares the artist to an astronomer who studies and philosophizes about the qualities and relationships that exist in nature. Several of her earlier works, such as the video installation Two Billion Light Years of Solitude and The Tropical Work: Snowman, have been modified for this show. Wanderer’s Clock is a new series about changing configurations that evolve with time. A catalogue about Wang’s work and writings will also be available at the gallery.

■ Eslite Gallery (誠品畫廊), 5F, 11 Songgao Rd, Taipei City (台北市松高路11號5樓), tel: (02) 8789-3388. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 7pm

■ Until July 21

Shan Hai Jing (山海經) is a 360 degree video installation created by artists Lai Shi-chao (賴士超) and Chiu Chih-chun (邱智群). Presented at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (國立台灣美術館), the work proposes a contemporary interpretation of the literary classic Shan Hai Jing, also known as The Classic of Mountains and Seas. The book is a highly imaginative account of a Chinese mythological world that is said to be written by numerous authors between China’s Warring States period and the Han Dynasty. According to the museum’s preface, the book describes a spiritual vision of Asian ancestors that embodies an ancient view of human society and the world. “As their descendants, how are we impacted by [Shan Hai Jing’s] profound structure and symbolism?” Lai and Chiu reflect upon this question by returning to fundamental philosophical inquiries, grappling with history, identity and the greater universe. As Taiwanese, the artists address their disorienting sense of ethnic identity infused with Chinese cultural aesthetics through their reflections on ancient storytelling.

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