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Blissful burger buddy

This simple sauce is summer’s best burger hack, and other tips

By Kate Krader  /  Bloomberg

If you don’t have a grinder, you can hand-cut your beef. (Kronner sees his burger as, essentially, a seared steak tartare.) To do that, chill the beef in the freezer until firm but not frozen, then cut it into quarter-inch slices, then into quarter-inch strips, and then into small cubes. This version works well in a cast-iron skillet, but not so well on a grill.

Cooking over wood matters

At least, as opposed to gas grills. “It makes a bigger difference than you realize,” says Kronner, who’s also OK with charcoal. Seared in a cast-iron skillet works, too, but to accentuate the crust, rub one side of the patty with a little softened butter before cooking over high heat.


Because people are divided about how they want their onions on a burger, find a half-measure and grill red onion slices on one side only, which gives you the benefit of crunchy texture but also caramelized sweetness.


You can resuscitate even the saddest burger bun by buttering the cut sides and then griddling until crispy. If the buns are stale, cover them with a lid so they steam a little bit. (But really, you shouldn’t be using stale buns in the first place.)


The cheese spread goes way beyond burgers. You can mix it into potato salad, use it as a dip for French fries, or spread it on a club sandwich or BLT.

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