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Artificial intelligence: it may be our future but can it write a play?

As AI encroaches on our day to day lives, it will increasingly make its way into the art world. So how will it be used?

By Jane Howard  /  The Guardian

But if this future was supposed to be an allegory for how robots will make our lives dull, it fell down at the first hurdle, as I watched audience members during the performance pull out their phones to amuse themselves. The technology of today has long surpassed the imagined technology of tomorrow.

Perhaps AI art is only as interesting insofar as you know what has gone into its creation. Little is said about how SwiftKey, the AI that co-wrote Lifestyle, was specifically used, but the strange beginning of the work pays off when Helper and director Harriet Giles break out of the mold of traditional theater: the cast dance; screens show us the predictive text used to write the work; the world dissolves further and further into the creative imagination of performance — which can only ever be truly realized through human collaboration.

Next Wave has long held the edict of asking artists to be as ambitious as possible, so it is only natural that the artists of today, in their ambition, ask what AI can do for them. For the moment, the artists seem to be coming out on top.

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