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Interview: Illiberalism run amok

Reporters Without Borders chair Pierre Haski will give a lecture on Sunday about the rise of illiberal democracy throughout the globe

By Noah Buchan  /  Staff Reporter


Haski says the current situation is far different from the post-cold war world, and increasingly far removed from the harmonious multi-polar world many hoped for in the 1990s and early aughts.

This could spell bad news for the liberal democratic model as a “growing number of people in the West [feel] the strains of the last decade in the spheres of economy, social, identity and even security, which has shaken its established historical dominance.”

It also means, Haski says, that other nations, particularly those in developing regions of the world, are increasingly looking towards non-democratic actors for models of governance, such as China on the African continent.

Haski, however, remains convinced that liberal democracy is the only governing system that allows for the greatest amount of freedoms.

“But a lot is at stake in both the US, with the capacity of Donald Trump to be effective in a country that has shown very strong institutions capable of resisting a dysfunctional but very ideological president, and with the capacity of European Union core nations to revive their model and take their unique multinational construction to the next stage,” he says.

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