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By Sheryl Cheung  /  Contributing Writer

Yang Yung-fu, Longevity Like A Pine (2015)

Photo Courtesy of Cathay United Art Center

This weekend at Cathay United Art Center, veteran Taiwanese artist Yang Yung-fu (楊永福), opens his solo painting exhibition, Dusk Veiled Autumn (輕霞秋日). Yang is a prolific painter who has devoted much of his career to exploring the natural scenery and streetscapes of Taiwan. In this exhibition, he shows over 100 recent paintings that follow this thematic pursuit. His works are often praised to have cultural significance, featuring historical buildings and picturesque local sights. Working primarily plein air, Yang emphasizes the art of picture making. He plays with contours, shapes and color, and chooses scenery that he finds first and foremost visually interesting. Aside from this ongoing pursuit of painting in situ, Yang also presents in this exhibition recent, studio-based paintings that depict his collection of late Ming, early Qing Dynasty clothing. Longevity Like A Pine (松鶴康齡), for example, is a large still-life portrait of a women’s garment decorated with rich embroidery, accompanied by traditional Chinese baskets and a backdrop of calligraphy. In this series, Yang incorporates Chinese symbols of blessing, including white cranes and pine trees, which send messages of abundance and goodwill.

■ Cathay United Art Center (國泰世華藝術中心), 7F, 236, Dunhua N Rd, Taipei City (台北市敦化北路236號7樓), tel: (02) 2717-0988. Opens Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

■ Until Nov. 25

Chung He-hsien (鐘和憲) is a young Taiwanese artist who creates meticulous 3D renditions of fantastical worlds inhabited by monstrous creatures. The title of his current solo exhibition Loser Gem (敗犬的寶玉) is a spinoff of a rare collectable gem featured in the popular role-playing video game Monster Hunter. While this particular gem can be perceived as malice or treasure depending on differing point of views, Chung finds it to be a fitting metaphor for his ongoing interest in the translations of meanings and values in the course of dissemination. Loser Gem is also the name of the exhibition’s featured project, a multi-media installation composed of hand sketches, video, original soundtrack and a VR component. The VR component allows you to gain access to a secret part of the project, hidden in a virtual locked safe. “This is a very personal work for me,” says the artist as he recounts the heartbreaking loss of a friend who had first inspired the soundtrack and hand sketches involved in the project. The hidden part of the project may take some effort to attain, and the outcome may or may not be deserving of the term gem. This social game experiment may produce a spectrum of opinions, and these different ways of seeing is precisely what Chung is most interested in.

■ To Dear Alternative Gallery (小路上), 7, Ln 77, Roosevelt Rd Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市羅斯福路三段77巷7號), tel: (02) 2363-7768. Opens Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 9pm

■ Until tomorrow

At the manga and illustration-focused gallery Mangasick, Kyoto-based underground artist Em Nishizuka is showing a selection of 20 colorful watercolors on paper, Egg Shell, that reveal her ongoing interest in the interaction among plants, insects and humans. Within these pictures, Em seeks to find the perfect balance between the naturally repulsive quality of insects and the innocent purity of teenage boys and girls. Her colors are often richly warm, sometimes shy and subtle, and other times cold and lifeless. Between these contrasting elements, Em considers her search for equilibrium as a compassionate act of embrace, as if to seek a new state of understanding between humans and nature. The piece Egg Shell depicts a nonchalant young girl cuddling a giant caterpillar on a bed of flowers. The caterpillar lightly touches the young girl’s lips while she stares without focus into the distance. Em is interested in exploring an alternative softness, and her characters often posses a sense of melancholy and fragility that seems to characterize the age of adolescence. This show is Em’s first exhibition in Taipei.

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