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Top Five Mandarin Albums

Jan. 24 to Jan. 30

The Best of 1999-2013 (步步自選作品輯), by Mayday (五月天)

1. Mayday (五月天) and The Best of 1999-2013 (步步自選作品輯) with 32.13 percent of sales

2. Lucifer (言野) and I Want You to Believe (我要你相信) with 10.59%

3. Jiajia (家家) with Sing for Lonely Souls (為你的寂寞唱歌) with 7.34%

4. Action Tang (唐從聖) and Shuangcongrenge (雙從人格) with 7.06%

5. Luantan A-hsiang (亂彈阿翔) and Ascent (破水而出) with 5.72%

Album chart compiled from G-Music (, based on retail sales

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