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Moving On

By Joe Henley  /  Contributing reporter

“Letting them go into the world and become their own people, that’s extremely difficult for parents, I think,” he says of raising kids, later adding that it’s difficult “to let things go that are so ingrained in me; to allow them to change.”

While we’re on the subject of change, Sebadoh chose to switch things up on Defend Yourself, going back to the band’s old ways of recording at home, just the three of them, in order to make the experience more personal; more about them. There were other factors in play, though, one of the major ones being money. Given how much studio time costs, it shocks Barlow that bands still record in conventional high-dollar studios at all.

“When I find out that bands actually record in studios, it amazes me. Really? Like, who gave you the money to do that? It shocks me that people can actually still record in studios. Given the money that we got from our record labels, we couldn’t do that. If we had done [the record] in a regular studio, we would have been way over-budget.”

Regardless of any monetary concerns, Sebadoh will keep moving forward, and hopefully not take another 14 years to release a new record. The band will always be about three people coming together and contributing, and nothing, not a relentless press corps, and certainly no amount of personal upheaval, is going to change the way that turns out. For Barlow, Sebadoh is his vehicle for revealing, personal catharsis, and sharing his music with others is what helps him move on with his life.

“When I’m in Taipei and we’re playing our show, for me to be singing there in front of an audience, that means that I’ve moved forward in some way. And also I consider when I sing, yes, it has something to do with me. But I feel like my experience is not unique to me. There’s many other people who have been through exactly the same thing.”

Such is the heart of indie rock.

■ Sebadoh and Neutral Milk Hotel play on Thursday at Legacy (傳音樂展演空間), 1, Bade Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市八德路一段一號) . Pre-sale tickets are available through for NT$1,800 and tickets at the door are NT$2,000. Doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm.

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