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Top Five Mandarin Albums

Nov. 1 to Nov. 7

Shuangcongrenge, by Action Tang (唐從聖).

1. Action Tang (唐從聖) and Shuangcongrenge (雙從人格) with 30.59 percent of sales

2. Li Wei-feng (李唯楓) and Aicunzai (李唯楓/愛存在) with 17.58%

3. Danny Shao (邵大倫) and Zhengqing (真情專輯) with 5.39%

4. Jeffrey Kung (孔令奇) and Suspending Memory (懸浮記憶) with 5.08%

5. Monique Lin (林慧省) and Heguangyule (禾廣娛樂) with 3.96%

Album chart compiled from G-Music (, based on retail sales

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