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The Vinyl Word

By Marcus Aurelius  /  Contributing Reporter

Lichael Mambert knows his way around the wheels of steel.

Photo courtesy of Michael Lambert

After growing up listening to and playing rock and roll, Lichael Mambert (real name Michael Lambert), who will be deejaying at the Bass Kitchen and Friends party tonight at Revolver, heard the mellifluous melodies of electronica and was instantly hooked. “I kind of fell into it by accident,” Mambert said in an email interview with the Taipei Times. “Creating and listening to music had always been central to my life and this sound was just blowing my head off.”

Underground raves in the Toronto, Detroit, and Montreal areas in the mid-1990s were Mambert’s gateway to techno. “There was just so much music of every electronic genre and so many amazing events,” he said. “House and techno eventually took over my up-tempo preferences in that vast realm.”

Always a do-it-yourselfer, Mambert along with some like-minded friends, decided to stage a three-day celebration a few hours outside of Toronto in 1998 called the Om Summer Solstice Festival. “We just felt that the festival we wanted to go to didn’t exist at the time so we made it ourselves,” he said. “We all really learned and grew a lot in that period. It was totally amazing and life changing. It was very humbling to see it all unfold after 10 months of planning.”

The annual Om Summer Solstice Festival took up the next seven years of Mambert’s life. Eventually, he decided to take the leap and see what the other side of the world had to offer by coming to Taiwan. “When I first arrived it was an adjustment, but I kind of expected that. A new place where I didn’t know anyone felt like a big challenge at the time, but that was kind of the point,” he said.

Any reservations Mambert had about Taiwan were soon dispelled when he found other DJs that spoke his musical language. “I got flyered by MiniJay,” Mambert said. “He was promoting their first deep house party and we just ended up talking about all sorts of stuff. He mentioned that he and Yoshi were always on the lookout for new DJs to play at their parties, so the next time I saw him I passed him a CD.”

Mambert promises “warm, engaging dancefloor music with some good kick to it” for those that attend the party tonight, but just don’t expect him to know exactly what he’s going to play beforehand. “I’ve never really prepared a set,” he said. “I just try to think what the party will be like and when I’m playing, select maybe 100 to 150 tracks to go from, and then just see where it takes me.”

Bass Kitchen and Friends (including MiniJay, Soundsquash, A-Tao, DataBass, Al Burro, and BB) tonight at Revolver from 10pm to 4am, 1-2, Roosevelt Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市羅斯福路一段1-2號). Admission is NT$250, which includes a drink.

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